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Originally Posted by Snipe View Post
I hope I'm not thread jacking, this just seems to be the place to ask.
I bought this boat last November and am in the process of cleaning it up before I put it on the lift. Everything cleaned up great except I cannot figure out what these white blotches are under the back half of the hull. the forward part is as it should be, and where the bunks are it seems to have worn off. When I rub my hand across the dull part (blotches) which looks like some kind of coating, it feels like oxidation and a white chalky substance comes off on the hand. What confuses me is that it is UNDER the hull where "the sun don't shine" and it's not over the entire bottom. Almost like some kind of anti fouling coating. But Really?? The shiny part on the picture is like the gel should be ..,smoooooth. Even more confusing, as the pic shows, that same stuff is on the prop shaft. I did lightly sand the shaft and it does come off. I just don't feel comfortable sanding the hull. Do any of you experts know of a cleaner that may take that off? I wonder if some sort of paint thinner or something of that nature might touch that stuff. It's not a big deal, but I think a smooooth hull would perform better,
When I used to leave my I/O docked in the water, I would get this buildup from time to time (calcium). I don't want to lead you the wrong way but if I remember correctly a little CLR in a spray bottle and wash after worked. It has been 10 years so my memory may be incorrect.
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