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Remove the screw at the bottom. There is a stud with a nut on it towards the back of the panel that you should remove next. You cant see it from the outside. Then remove the three with exposed heads towards the top. Mine all had nylock nuts on them which made removal tough. You can access the front one from under the dash. The other two are much more difficult, with he center one being he worst. You have to be really careful to not tear the panel. There is a member here that had some spacers made and was selling them. I would get some of those and install them while you have the panel off. I used an open ended wrench attached to some vise grips to get the back of the center one.

There is an Allen head screw on the bottom of the throttle. Take it out, then unscrew the Phillips head on the throttle to remove the arm.

As stated above you may be able to get to the remote without removing the panel. I would do everything I could to avoid removing that panel. Getting it out is bad, but reinstalling it was worse.

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