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Just did mine to add ballast switches. I removed the seat to work on mine but you can do this without having to do that.

1. Remove screw at the bottom center of the panel
2. Pull panel bottom out slightly to allow access to reach the nuts holding on the panel.
3. There are threaded studs glued to the inside (3 across the top) if I remember right. Need to loosen the nuts and washers to remove. Yours looks to have the screw heads exposed (like they did in later years) so can unscrew from the outside while backing the nut with a wrench. Much easier way to go and you don't have to deal with the studs breaking loose when the glue holding them to the panel fails.

There is quite a bit of access to the back of the remote from under the helm to get your arm/hand at the back of the remote, before you take it apart, you may want to get a flashlight and see if you can remove the nuts holding the remote in without taking off the armrest. Before you do this, remove the bottom screw so you can pull out the bottom of the panel to get the maximum access.

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