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My wish list came true today-thank god!! I can waterski with bilateral knee replacements-right one last Sept, left one in November. Air temp 67-water 62. I thought about the mammalian reflex for a second when I hopped off the platform I get up on two and had the ski gone by the time I hit the boat bubbles. My balance is much better now, NO PAIN, and my stamina is much better!! I'm 30 pounds lighter this year so I may have to make a few adjustments to my Seige. I'll never be a fantastic skier but for a 56 year old with 2 new knees I'll take it!! I caught my surgeon in the ICU the other night and we discussed it again; he said "just make sure it's glass, not rough out there". I'm not "old" until I can't waterski any more!
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