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Originally Posted by homer12 View Post
markismm, I have an 89 Tristar 190 and my issue with going to deep on the trailer seems that the bow eye will catch on the v-bunks. Do you ever have that issue? Maybe I need to go even deeper. I've only had the boat a season so maybe I need to experiment more.
x2, the ramps i have to use were built for flat bottom john boats i think and the length of the ramp is just long enough to get the tops of the fenders in the water before it drops off to 8+ foot from power loading.....and that puts me with the bow eye catching, i have to pull out a smidge more and power on....then do the brake deal to get the bar on......i am going to get a drop hitch to help some, as stated above and a drill........

87 ps190.......
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