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So why no numbers?

I mentioned a similar boat since these are unique, limited and few for sale.
Here's the Email I got:
Funny story... After you emailed me the information regarding the last 35th For Sale in Baton Rouge, I reached out to the gentleman, negotiated a price, and verbally agreed to purchase the boat. Prior to doing so I was very specific with the seller how anal retentive I am (it's not something I'm proud of) and inquired about any blemishes, scratches, nicks, etc... that was within the interior or exterior of the boat. He stated his boat was in "immaculate condition" and sent me approximately 3 dozen photos all of which seemed to be okay after questioning a bit further.

Well to make a LONG story short... My father and I jumped in my Tahoe and made our way from Janesville, WI to Jackson, MS where we met the seller. I was excited beyond belief to be on the verge to take home my own 35th... That is until I got out of my vehicle and saw the following; stained carpet, faded and ripped upholstery, a dashboard with scratches across the polished inlays, gel coat blemishes, exterior decals pealing off the gel coat, and a cracked back platform. I was soooo disappointed! Within 10 seconds of walking around the boat I new I wasn't going to take it home, even after trying to talk myself into it! I politely declined the boat, thanked the gentleman for his time, and was leaving Jackson, MS within less than 30-minutes to make the 12-hour treck home!

Just funny how things work out... Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose some! Appreciate the correspondence and have a Happy New Years!

So back to original question, why no numbers?
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