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Finally got it fixed. I ordered a new solenoid. It had a tag on one post that said "use this connection if only one wire is used". So, I used that post. It was the wrong post. So I took it back off and did some troubleshooting. With the old solenoid on, the bendix was engaging, but it was not making connections to the starter motor. I put the new solenoid back on, and with the starter off the boat and on my work bench, I connected power to the positive stud and grounded the starter to the negative battery side. I then jumped across the positive post to the small solenoid post. When you do this, it is suppose to actuate the solenoid which first pushes the bendix gear into the starter flywheel. It then switches on the starter motor. My old solenoid was only actuating the bendix gear. That was the click I heard. It was not making the connection to power the starter motor. Check out this diagram and you will see what I am talking about.

Thanks for all the help.
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