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I'd just continue with business as usual. If you get hassled, ask the cop for a hand to show you the correct way to loading (you know... since this is "one of your first few trips out as a boater"). Play the noob card, and watch him struggle and not be able to winch it up either. After he tries unsuccessfully to help you for the next 20-30 minutes (if he even agrees to helping), ask him what the best course of action is. Tell him the manual states that you should drive on to the bunks, and was designed to do so.

If that fails, check out Liquid Rollers. That will make the bunks very slick. A drop hitch will help too, and get the bunks completely wet before you try to winch it up. Also, if you have a second person with you and you have good control of your boat, maybe try coming in a little faster to the trailer and have you helper hold the bar up while you idle up faster than you normally would.
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