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Originally Posted by 86Skier View Post
Perhaps you didn't read my earlier post? I was told point blank by the Sheriff's Dept that any power was unacceptable. "Pull in to the dock, shut it down, and winch it on like everyone else."

Which brings me back to my very first post... anyone do a mod like this? And if so, how did it work?
I have not used this configuration but I'd say the setup will work fine. The only thing I can see that may require finagling is the trailer depth (probably a little deeper) to get the boat fully forward and onto the bunks (as best as can be expected).

More on a note of personal preference, I'd secure the bow with an addition tie-down (Boat Buckle makes a single pack tie-down) for that very application. I'd also make sure that the transom is secured and not just riding on the bunks.

Back to your first post, yes, from the looks of the configuration, that will work. This is probably your best bet all things considered. I would also have the fabricator weld a piece of material across the Y-split just behind the new configuration (where the new configuration sits on the combined c-channels) to reduce any (possible) flex in the trailer frame near that point. This will reduce the risk of the frame flexing and shearing a weld from the channel. Welding perpendicular (cross-grain) to a material is not recommended but sometimes cannot be avoided. May be overkill but it's a reduction in risk...

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