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Originally Posted by scott023 View Post
The surface area alone makes the strain on the tower higher. I know our dealer, which is the highest volume dealer in the world, tells their customers not to tube from the tower. I was also told during the factory tour that you shouldn't as well, so I think it's a safe bet that they don't want you towing tubes from the tower.

I have also read that owing from the tower inceases the chances of the tube getting lift off, increasing the potential of serious injury when the rider is dumped from height. Pretty sure we've all seen the videos of this happening as well. All in all, not a good idea, IMO.
Just because you sell boats doesn't make you a design engineer so he's not an authority about towers or towables.

The waring label clearly says what you can and cannot tow from the tower.

I hope towing from the tower gives you more lift because getting air is fun!!

The surface area really doesn't mean all that much. A wakeboard carving across the water has little surface area but creates a tremendous about of drag with very little edge in the water. How could a tube skimming across the water do that?

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