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Originally Posted by mikeg205 View Post
nice... how long did it take you to remove old cutlass bearings.
Hey Mike,
With a cordless 18V Sawzall and a new 14tpi, 4" blade - about 20 seconds to cut through each shell. Even a good hacksaw blade (I like Lenox blades) handheld wouldn't take too long. I lowered the tongue of the trailer so I had room to work. And, my Sawzall pivots allowing the handle to rotate into a pistol grip which afforded room on the rudder end. I also soaked them good in PB blaster for several hours. Once I cut through them, I pushed them out easily with a screwdriver.
The XPC bearings were a pretty snug fit. I froze them, heated the strut just a little and still had to work them in with threaded rod as a press. Only about 1/4 inch of the bearing would start with hand pressure. I sprayed them with water to help them slide in. I read where folks had used soapy water, but I didn't want any risk of them moving once in place. They are amazingly 'slick' feeling when the prop shaft is in there.
Pressure washing the house, and now getting ready for a cookout have put things on hold until tomorrow.....
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