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Originally Posted by 86Skier View Post
Cloaked - Please do share..... because I too can load my trailer in 60 seconds, maybe even 45. Been doing it since I was 10 years old. BUT... that involves simply driving up the trailer after someone else backed it in, leaving the throttle slightly above idle, climbing over the front, clamping it on, and signaling to drive ahead. Done deal, no issues.

Which brings me to my Mastercraft trailer. Anything over idle up to the dock and shut down is powerloading. I was told that point blank. And I cannot load my trailer (maybe Cloaked can) without driving it on.
Weasel cops is all I can say. And you can say I said so too...

You do the same thing I do, precisely (as stated above). I usually try to overshoot the bar by a little bit, then as I reach down to latch the bar, I can wiggle the bow of the boat a tiny bit (still throttled slightly) and the boat/bar will slide right into place..........every time...

I would be surprised in TN if a cop said no power loading. I am not aware of any statue or law (in TN) that prohibits. It may be a dock or ramp's preference but I'd sure consider asking or researching where a law says to the contrary for loading.... but common sense says do not argue with the cops..... regardless...
.........but after a certain point, I'd have to know the law for sure and insist on loading my boat the way I prefer....unless in fact there is a law prohibiting.....and not some outspoken rule that someone else says without merit....

Floating the boat to the bar is the only other way, aside from the sudden-stop method, but to me the sudden stop is only to be used on a bad hair day....

The second picture in your first post in indeed a suitable alternate for the circumstances. It looks to be adequate. I'm just hard pressed to think there's a law that prohibits loading a boat with engine power (not disputing your word). I can see a no-wake enforcement (at idle) but aside from me the rulebook...

I snagged the picture for future reference.... Thanks.... nice looking setup, if it has to be...
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