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Originally Posted by Beg4wake View Post
I have a 2008 MC XStar. I ran it about 4-5 weeks ago and no problems...fueled it up today and took it to the lake. It started up and ran for a little while but then died. It will fire up and run for a few seconds but keeps dying. It's acting as if it is not getting fuel. The pump runs when I turn the key and the boat only has 290 hrs on it so I wouldn't think it would be the pump. Maybe clogged lines? I'm just wondering if this is a common problem and if so, is there any places I should look first? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. I have a warranty but the shop can't look at it for 2 more weeks and I was hoping to take it to Lake Norman next weekend for the King of Wake Pro Wakeboard Tour. Thanks in advance.
The first thing to look at if an engine won't run is the safety switch if it only seens to want to run when you're cranking it. If it actually runs for a few seconds after you stop cranking, move on to the other tests.

If it runs and stops, check the fuel pressure. Look for numbers, not just checking to see if it sprays. It can easily spray when the Shrader valve is pressed, but that doesn't mean the pressure is high enough. It's also unsafe to do that.

While you're checking the pressure, take a fuel sample- most fuel pressure gauges have a bleeder valve, for removing air from the line going to the gauge. You can insert the thin, vinyl tube into a clean, dry bottle (I use a clear soda or water bottle), Put about 8 oz in and let it sit for about 15 minutes- if it's cloudy, dirty, smells bad and not like fresh gas or you see water droplets in the bottom after it sits, you need to deal with it before running the engine again. If you see a lot of water, start asking questions- either someone put it there, the station has a problem, your gas cans don't seal well, the gas cap doesn't seal well, the vent was below the water line when it was running (possibly while pulling wakeboarders or when the transom was swamped while stopping) or the fuel pump/sender isn't sealing well/it wasn't installed properly if it was replaced.

Next, make sure it has spark. DO NOT pull a plug wire and hold it while someone cranks or when it's already running. You won't be having a good day if this happens- the ignition system puts out more than 50,000V and getting a handful of spark is no fun. If you grab a plug wire and pull it off of the plug while your other hand is grounded to the engine, nice knowing ya- especially if you have a pacemaker.

Your fuel lines really can't become clogged unless it's getting incredibly bad fuel that bypasses the on-pump filter. If you have bad gas, and it's definitely a possibility, you need to empty the tank, flush the lines, replace the filter and re-fill it with clean, fresh gas. If you can avoid ethanol, do it.
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