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Help: Boat Keeps Dying

I have a 2008 MC XStar. I ran it about 4-5 weeks ago and no problems...fueled it up today and took it to the lake. It started up and ran for a little while but then died. It will fire up and run for a few seconds but keeps dying. It's acting as if it is not getting fuel. The pump runs when I turn the key and the boat only has 290 hrs on it so I wouldn't think it would be the pump. Maybe clogged lines? I'm just wondering if this is a common problem and if so, is there any places I should look first? Any help or input would be greatly appreciated. I have a warranty but the shop can't look at it for 2 more weeks and I was hoping to take it to Lake Norman next weekend for the King of Wake Pro Wakeboard Tour. Thanks in advance.
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