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Cloaked - Please do share..... because I too can load my trailer in 60 seconds, maybe even 45. Been doing it since I was 10 years old. BUT... that involves simply driving up the trailer after someone else backed it in, leaving the throttle slightly above idle, climbing over the front, clamping it on, and signaling to drive ahead. Done deal, no issues.

BUT, this is technically power loading, and is heavily enforced around here. Our water cops are some of the biggest douches I've met anywhere. For instance, in my last go-fast boat, I was pulled over a total of 7 times in one summer for everything from speed to noise to "can't you do that somewhere else"... the speed (at the time) was legal, and no, I didn't want to go somewhere else... the noise was over (which was promptly repaired after the first time and verified by another officer.) I was still pulled over for noise twice more. I sold this boat.

Which brings me to my Mastercraft trailer. Anything over idle up to the dock and shut down is powerloading. I was told that point blank. And I cannot load my trailer (maybe Cloaked can) without driving it on.
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