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You guys work very hard and there is a smarter way (no insult intended) to use the trailers, single handed, load and lock down in two steps, less than 60 seconds. I promise. Been doing this for many years (more than 30) with this setup. Each to their own, but think about what your doing here...

No need to even do any winching at all... no pushing required... no sudden stops.....nothing except drive the boat on the trailer and latch the bar.... (a few more motions but that is the gist of it...). one person can do all of this from the boat (including latching the bar properly) and then drive away in the tow vehicle.

IMHO, that bar is the best safety feature you can have on the trailer inclusive of a transom tie-down system....

I have posted about this several times in the past. Just sharing a bit of info here from experience.

However, the setup above looks fairly typical as far as an option. Not saying it doesn't work, but for me, I'd keep my bar long before I'd use another setup. Much easier since there is no winching required and no one has to get in the water at anytime to load and secure the boat.


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