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I have an 1984 that I bought new and have never had a problem. Push the boat by hand as far forward on the trailer as you can get. Lock the winch cable under tension and drive away. Then, after you're out of everyone's way, stop suddenly and the boat will slide up. Take the tension off of the cable and do it again until you get it lined up with the slot in the bar. That way, you don't have to modify your trailer. If you want to make it super easy, then do the following; spray liquid rollers on your carpet and wax the hull. The boat will practically slide on and off the trailer on dry land. I'm not kidding. If you do that, never un-winch the boat from the trailer until you are in the water to launch it. Otherwise, it will slide off of the trailer when you are backing it down the boat ramp. Likewise, don't pull the boat up the ramp unless the winch is locked under tension to the bow eye of the boat. I've been doing it for almost 30 years and it works perfectly.
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