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Pulled shaft...replace cutlass bearings?

First off, I'm not a candidate for MCOCD - rather I believe in 'on-going' maintenance, keeping things in good working order with good PM but would rather USE the boat as opposed to constantly 'finding' things to fix
With THAT out of the way...I'm in the process of fixing a leaking 'stuffing box' or 'drive shaft log' - that aluminum thru-hull part fiberglassed to the hull. So far I've removed the old fiberlass mat and sealant and have the area ready for West System's G-Flex. I removed the prop and shaft coupler with no problem. The shaft aligns perfectly with the transmission output shaft. I always check the coupler gap each spring, it's always less than .001. The shaft has very little 'wiggle' when trying to move it in the strut.
Should I go ahead and replace the cutlass bearings? All indications are they are not worn excessively, what wear they do have is even and symetrical. But - they ARE 24 years old AND everything is already apart. But, if it ain't broke....
What say those who've 'been there, done that'?

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