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Help! 1977 repair help needed. Bow eye

It appears to be working its way out. The threads on the outside of the bow keep getting longer. It will be loose and I tighten it, then it gets loose again. I tried to look and crawl up under there. No way, its foam filled. On other older boats you could remove the front floor wall and crawl up in there. This front floor board appears to be permanent and the bow is filled with foam. Leaving a very, very small space to see up to the nose. No way to get in there. The only answer I can come up with is to make like a Mole and start cutting a tunnel thru the wall and thru the foam to try and lay in there and see the back side of the Bow eye. Hopefully tighten the nuts on the back side. I hope they are not pulling thru the stringer too bad ??? Has anybody had this problem? Does anybody have a better answer than Mole Man? Thanks !
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