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Soo, I just did the same thing - Went from '09 X2 to '13 X25. I would also add that we surf a lot too. I had my surf wake dialed on the 2. We have not put but about 20 minutes surfing on the new motor (sorry engine, whatever) but have also surfed the 30.

From first experience and if you want a huge and long surf wake on the X25 you will need extra ballast in bags or people to sink this boat, even with tabs.

Stock ballast comparison with 3 people in the boat is about the same between the two, but I would give the edge to the X30.

Based on that alone, maybe the 30, however for me, sorry X30 owners, not knocking the boat just my opinion. X25 all the way!

Pickle Fork Baby
Flip rear "Chill Seats"
Tons of room for a 21.6" boat
Rough Water Ride is unreal, this boat defiantly handles big water well

Not a Fan of the Swinging Rear Seat - Cool Fan watching idea, but functionally blocks getting to the transom of the boat
Not a pointy bow guy - see above
Not 100% sold on the hips

As far as motors (sorry again, engines) 6.2 all the way
All I can say is it's is breath taking, jumps on plane and just hums at 3000 RPM waiting for you to open her up. running right about 28 mph @ 3000 RPM's Early estimate on gas is about 6 GPH

Either way, the 2013 refinements are great!
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