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Cool 2013 X30 or 2013 X25

I cannot decide between the two boats. I currently have an 2008 X2 whcih include the pickle fork front end. I am a huge fan of the look so I struggle with the 30 for this reason. Here are some highlights I have found, feel free to add to them to help the decision. I am 70% Surfing / 20% air chair / 10% wakeboard and other. Spend alot of time lounging on water with friends and now kids. Also want a boat that handles better on rough water than my X2. I plan on ordering an 2014 but am comparing the 2013's as the 2014 are unknown on changes.

-pro-pickle fork front end
-pro- surf seating
-pro wide seating and seat position is low(deep interior)
-cons - storage(shallow)
-cons - handling
-pro - length
-5.7l borderline for power
-cons-surf wake stock ballast
-Surf TABS
-con-no pickle fork front end
-pro-reverse seat
-pro-surf wake
-5.7l bearable
-con-shallow interior
-pro seating room
-Surf TABS????
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