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So it's been a busy week with other projects - mainly finishing up building a new dock (first time for me, pic attached) as well as staying focused on getting the Searay running - so far the JB Weld block repair seems to be holding. Keeping my fingers crossed as the extra $$ it'll fetch will add to the budget for the Mastercraft.
My plan is to drop a couple freeze plugs in the block, change the fluids and turn her over to see what happens prior to considering the engine scrap.. I'm planning on buying this breakerless conversion kit as I currently have the screw down prestolite cap based on you guys' suggestions.
I'm trying to keep doing homework on best engine for the buck assuming the worst case scenario. I'm having a hard time though: I've read many threads regarding engine rotation and still am not 100% on it. I know there were different options available for engines in 88, but did the rotation change? I'm assuming at this point it's a LH rotation (standard) but without being able to crank the engine over, are there any dead giveaways? It is a black painted engine which I read was LH, there is nothing stamped on the prop.
I see a lot of good deals on 351 engines locally and have read all the debate on automotive engines in boats, I would assume that if I bought one, I'd change out the freeze plugs for brass and head gaskets for marine (I'm most likely going to be adding GT40P heads anyways) and all external engine components would be marine of course. When considering this option, is there anything else I should think about? Some people claim there are other differences but I've read quotes from PCM/Indmar that suggests that actually do nothing with internals outside of maybe a different cam for performance/load..
This Sunday I'll be dropping the 2 freeze plugs back in - still not sure why they were removed, and turning her over to see what I see. There is a bit of water in the oil but after sitting for a few years I'm thinking that may or may not mean anything, could just be condensation..
As for he carb - There's a old school local guy here that's been rebuilding carbs out of his house for like 50 yrs that I've been going to forever. $120 flat fee for 4 barrels and he does an amazing job everytime. I'll be sending it off to him for sure..
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