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Tow vehicle getting a new heart

I decided to bight the bullet and give my beloved 1999 Expedition a heart transplant. I located a brand new, never installed or fired 2001 Ford 5.4L Supercharged Lightning crate engine to replace my standand 5.4L powerplant. The old engine was leaking at the head gaskets into the valley and on to the exhaust manifolds making a pleasant smell inside the cabin.

The new engine comes standard with 380hp, 430 ft-lb torque. The stock blower has already been sent off for porting and polishing and will also be underdriven to create 15 lbs of boost (stock is 8 lbs.). We are also puttinig a cold air intake, a special tune and equal-length headers, high flow cats and a new stainless performance exhaust. Lastly, the transmission and transfer case are getting beef up to take the added horsehpower and torque.

I should be done in a month and has already been in the shop from a month. Can't wait to get it back. I'll post pictures as the work progresses.
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