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Originally Posted by gruvnfunk View Post
I must concur that you are an audio badass. This whole project started because I had to replace my amp. Because I am a student with limited income I needed an inexpensive new amp so I found a Pyle PLMRA400 400-Watt 4-Channel for a good price on Amazon. By installing the new amp I opened the can of worms of toying with the idea of upgrading the sub (to either of the two configurations I previously mentioned). Given that I am committed to this amp now and I already have one 10" MTX, is the idea of running a 2nd 10" MTX off the Pyle worth it or should I just stick to one 10" MTX with the Pyle?
The lure of a low price and inflated specifications didn't get you a useful amplifier. The Pyle model referenced is a BTL amplifier with no power supply, no crossover and cannot be bridged. It will struggle with a 2-ohm load. Current consumption is 5 amps. In reality this amplifier has no more power than a standard 4-channel head unit which is about 4 times 16 watts. This amplifier is good for driving four entry level coaxials when at rest if you are not having to compete with noise when underway.
Don't let those limited dollars burn a hole in your pocket. Wait and save so that you can afford something of lasting value.

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