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Sub setups are always a world of compromise. Your goals and limitations should be your start point. I used to compete in SPL competition and everything was tuned to a specific frequency with virtually no size and power constraints. I used two Rockford HX2 woofers paralleled to 1 Ohm on a crossfire 1000D in a ported box tuned closely to the resonate frequency of the explorer. Those 2 10s killed within a band of about 4Hz. Any other frequency left plenty to be desired in sound quality. Sound quality and wide frequency response require a sealed enclosure. Free air woofers will never quite give you the precise punch of a sealed enclosure, but will provide some lows with minimal space and work requirements. This all brings me back to the point of what are your constraints and desired output? If you want clear precise low tones over a broader spectrum but not defining bass consider building an enclosure. If you have no room, or time choose a free air type. If you want to test every lock washer in the boat get ready to fork over serious space and design a box that is tuned to a low frequency. There are plenty of woofers in the 10 range that can deliver punch in a small enclosure. Look into dual voice coil woofers if you have the power (and 2 Ohm stable) amp. A good DVC 10 will out preform 2 cheap 10s, or a single 12 if properly setup, I am not sure if there are any good DVC subs in the marine market though. I would have to research that.
Good luck!

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