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Originally Posted by patrhodes View Post
Fired it up and gauges quit working, and water under helm after going out. M/C dealer said Electronic Module unit was not properly winterized and water coming in through pitots for mph. Said it would be $300-400 plus $125 labor. Does this sound about right? Also, how best to temporarily plug those up while we run a bit before fixing? I'm having tons of people to lake this weekend. Please advise! And how do you blow those out? I've never done this before and never had a problem in 11 years!

Hopefully it's closer to $300 than $400. You can swap it yourself; just a few electrical plugs and a couple of screws.

Not a good design in my opinion...water pressure mixing with an electrical component. I think to "winterize" you would just disconnect your pitot tube lines and let any water drain out of the box and blow out your tubes. After this happened to mine a few years ago I just left the pitot lines disconnected since I use PerfectPass for accurate speed anyway.
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