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Originally Posted by Grant777 View Post
The saga continues and my confusion grows. This is what my rudder port looks like:

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And remember this is a salt water series boat. I questioned my dealer as to why it had not been greased as per the manual at the 100hr service and this was his reply:

"This is a salt water series boat. Even if you try to grease the inside of
the seal thru the grease fitting you cannot. The only way is by pulling the
rudder out then grease it from the inside - you should have seen that when
you pulled out the old seal. We do not as a matter of policy pull the
rudder out except when necessary."

When I pulled the rusted zerk out it had been screwed through the rubberized covering and was totally blocked with the rubber material. I dug it out and clean it up and put it back in. The thread on the zerk was shot so I will have to find a suitable replacement.

I am having a hard time figuring whether my dealer is correct or just making excuses?

Thanks again for all the replies and advise.
I would either call MC or another (maybe more than one) salt water dealer and ask if they lube this as a matter of normal maintenance. It was greased at the factory and it should have been greased after 100 hours, IMO (no experience with salt water, though). The grease not only lubricates the rudder, it displaces water when new grease is injected.
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