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Originally Posted by FrankSchwab View Post
So, now that I have a few minutes, things to do:
1. Check the transmission cooler for leaks. You don't want to start dumping water into the pristine transmission fluid (you are going to change it, aren't you?
2. When you get the engine back in, I'd do a full propshaft alignment. Doc is attached.
3. You might want to do the fuel filler neck grounding modification. Doc is attached.
4. You can decide whether to run ATF or 15w-40 in the transmission, especially since you should go ahead and change the fluid at this point. The Indmar service note is attached.
5. When you do the propshaft alignment, I'd go ahead and change the packing. This is a good tutorial.
6. The LT1 marine thermostats (2) are special, and there's a specific method for "burping" the engine when you put everything back together. I don't have one, but you should be able to search and find it.
7. Check the prop and make sure it's in good shape.
8. Grease everything that needs greasing.
9. Check the steering - if you can't steer it on the trailer with a finger, you may want to consider putting in a new cable. If you can't steer it easily with one hand, you DEFINITELY should put on a new cable.
10. Check the fuel gauge. The fuel senders on this year have a tendency to fail. You can repair it (search for "fuel sender magnet"), or get a new one. I bought one from Wema, and am quite happy with the design and functioning.
11. Check the depth gauge - you won't be able to measure depth unless the boat is in the water, but you can check to verify that the puck is firmly epoxied to the hull. Oops, I just noticed in your picture that you have a clock where I have a depth gauge.
12. You need a good gelcoat restoration. I'd try compounding before wet sanding, but that's just me. This thread has a good overview of gel coat restoration.
13. Here's a good source for replacement panels for the dash. I bookmarked them long ago, but never actually bought anything.
14. The only issue I've run across on the boat is that passengers tend to hit the back of their head on the windshield when sitting. Warn your wife/gf.
15. Verify that the bilge pump works. If it sounds bad, replace it.
16. Verify that the blower works. If it sounds bad, replace it.

That should keep you busy until, say, the lakes freeze over again...

Thanks Frank, that is a great maintenance To Do list!!

What is the best way to check the transmission cooler for leaks? Is it basically a tube heat exchanger?

I will read up on ATF vs. motor oil. How can I tell what transmission I have?

I will read thru the maintenance that you suggested and I know I will have more questions.

Thanks, Steve
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