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Originally Posted by FrankSchwab View Post
Good choice of boats!

I don't have any suggestions for further improvements; you seem to have them covered. I'll follow the thread, and feel free to ask any questions. I've done a lot of work on mine, and I can take pictures of things that you forget how to put back together
Originally Posted by SP Maristar View Post
I agree with Frank on hour choice of boats! We own the exact same boat in Polo Green. Find MaristarMan's post with tons of pictures. It was very helpful to me. Let me know if you need reference pics of anything. Our boat is bone stock and in great condition. Good luck!
Thank you for the offers to answer question and sending reference pics, that will help a lot. I am a bit nervous because the motor was pulled out of the boat before I purchased it so I will definitely need some reference pics!!

I've saved these threads for future reference but I know there will be details I'll need.

LT-1 lets see some pics!

Hogwild's Adventure

There's a lot of good references in those 2 threads!!

MaristarMan's thread was one of the first ones I found, there's a lot of info there.

MariStar-Man's Chronicles with Tons of Pics

I can't say that I've read the whole thing but I have scanned thru it a couple of times. One thing I did learn from his thread is to not put the trans in gear while it is out of the water because there is no lubrication on the prop shaft, I probably would not have thought of that.

I've also looked thru this one a few times,

The MariStar Thread

I can't wait to start working on the boat!!

Thanks again, Steve
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