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UnderWater LED LIGHT


I'm trying to talk to one of my vendor in China if they can provide us better price on Underwater LED LIGHT (still waiting for their quote). I'm not going to put any US vendor but those lights are same or close (may be better). Here's the info:

3 LEDs 9W 316 S/S Waterproof IP68 0r 9 LEDs 27W 316 S/S Waterproof IP68

If anyone is interested let me know may be we can get better price. Here's some of the pix.

27W PIX.

More Update:

Price range $220-$225 (27W) .... $70-$75 (9W)

Here's we go with more info on 27W:

LED Little Bulb Qty: 9 pcs
Output Power : 27W
Input Voltage: DC12V
Emitting Color: White
Viewing Angle: 30
Ingress Protection: IP68
Material: 316 stainless steel
Size of inner box:21*14.5*6.5cm

RED- Lumens 650-700
GREEN- chips 850-900
BLUE- chips 210-250
Yellow- chips 650-700
White- 1200-1300

NOTE: I've put the same info on Moomba board(I'm trying to find out, how much interest we have, so I can negotiate and get better price)

Interested members:

Double D
u bet shes wet
Sodar - 27W
Traxx822 -9W -2 or 3pc
VP46 27W or 9W
AJs97prostar GREEN
02ProstarSammyD Blue
g-mantrix Blue
sheckski 27W
rgardjr1 27W
TayMC197 27W
SeaDoo Challenger 180SE
Blast LED (discounts available - send me PM for discount)

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