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Originally Posted by HRC View Post
Footer girl, I responded to your e-mail.
Everyone else. I did end up finishing the routine although I had some set backs with working overtime and going out of town. All I can say is my wife's dr. told me this is not for 50 year olds. I struggled through the whole last month and the last week I had to start skipping the 3rd round of exercise in each circuit. My knees and lower back were killing me. I did loose 14 pounds, down from 245 to 231 but I'm thinking I'll leave this workout to you younger guys.
You did great and there is a lot to be said that you finished this. You put your mind to it and modified it how you needed. This work out is not for everyone as I am sure that you and the others can attest to. In any case I am really proud of you and I hope that you will continue to find what works for you to get you where you want to be. It's not all about Insanity or P90X etc. Those are stepping stones and the end it is about getting healthy and getting to where you want to be in your personal fitness and finding the right options for you. That is why I do what I do.

By the way did you ever take your final after pics like we talked about? I would still like to do the side by side for you and you deserve to put in for your shirt because you did finish it!
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