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Basic wakeboarding questions

I have a couple of rudimentary questions for the more experienced wakeboarders on TT.

My 20-year-old step-son is a fairly accomplished snowboarder who has played around with wakeboarding for a number of years. He has gotten to the point when he could jump the wake behind our SeaRay very consistently, often with a "grab". No other tricks as of yet, but it is only a matter of time, given his affinity for the local "half-pipe" and terrain parks when snow is on the ground.

My other two step-children can easily get up on a wakeboard but aren't doing any jumps or tricks.

We upgraded our boat to an 04' X-10 last October and our weather in Wisconsin is now to a place where we can get out and try it out. And, I have a few basic questions.

The X-10 has three ballast tanks; where is a good place to start? Should I fill all three completely or start somewhere else? Do I fill the back two or all three?

Also, we upgraded to a Hyperlite State 140 wakeboard this year. My son is ready to take the fins off - - - however, will this make it more difficult for my other family members to wakeboard?

Thanks for any help you can give.
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