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Originally Posted by Double D View Post
We didn't hear how deep you actually had to go, did we?
200 feet was the final depth where the casing stopped and the screen was set. We hit a very fine sand and the driller was able to make it work to the tune of 10+ gallons/minute, which from what I understand is a very good producing well. The static water level in the casing rests at about 100 feet down so we end up with an 100 foot reserve of water in the pipe which equates to around 100 gallons and the actual pump itself sits at the 175' depth.

Total cost was more than we had budgeted obviously since we had to go an additional 75 feet, but far better than it could have been had we been forced to drill in a new spot or had we not found water at all.

I think the tower for the boat is now on hold again!!!
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