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Thx Ryan


I have been racing since 94 (and I am only 38 or so.) Bought, sold, begged borrowed, stole and negotiated my way up to this car through no less than 25 car deals.

It is powered by a 2007/2008 GSXR 1000 bike motor. About 750 pounds; but it is no toy. 1500 to 3000 pounds of downforce depending on the track. About 14' long, 6.5' wide. 8" wide fronts, 10" wide rears. Electrically controlled air actuated paddle shifter, carbon fiber, and all kinds of crazy technology. Does road course laptimes just shy of the ALMS cars....

Big step up this year (from old car); to this one. (Mind you.... self financed, self sponsored driver, my own mechanic, builder, pit crew, team manager, and truck driver when not on the boat.)

My full time hobby...outside of the house and boat... And... wife.

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