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Originally Posted by gruvnfunk View Post
I am trying to find a location for a 2nd 10" sub. The current one is on the bulkhead below and in front of the Captain's chair, under the helm. I could spend $40-60 to fabricate a new panel so I could put both 10" side-by-side, but I do not want to spend that money if I can avoid it. Anyone have any other PRACTICAL ideas of where I can put a 10" sub that is not going to get in the way of storage or be low to the ground where it will get wet?
I'm always going to recommend the best possible single sub location with the best possible subwoofer/enclosure whether one or two drivers. A second sub location is almost always a compromise and is rarely as productive as the first/best/primary location. Variances in distance, orientation, boundaries and the immediate loading between two sub locations add up to phasing conflicts. Whether in open air, in home theater or in a vehicle cabin, the results are typically the same.

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