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Guesses on the Z-Line
  • Replacing the ProStar name with a new ski series
  • Z=Zane Schwenk edition (premium camp) with led lit engine window (ala AM-Nauti)
  • Hybrid boat (premium camp)
  • Electric boat (premium camp)
  • Entry priced boat with pure-vert ballast... hopefullly they'll avoid advertising a flat $50k advertised price, and ehem a rebate (oh yes, I said it!)
  • Injenction molded nano-Z-Tech polycarbonate hull tech that's 40% lighter (gets MC out of high COGS on resin and fiberglass)

Just in case they are counting - I vote for a lower priced boat but doubt it's their plan.

Another SportStar line doesn't seem necessary to MC in this economy. There is little scale advantage from more volume (labor intensive). Dipping down in price exposes a huge group of consumers less economically insulated. BUT, there is a case that the lifetime value of a consumer goes up if you can land 3 boats in a lifetime vs 0.8 (<1 to account for initial switching is getting worse). Seems to be working for Tige with the R & Z boats where buyers attracted to price-point move up by the time they sign the check enough to offset 'trading-down'. I bet MC is not even in the consideration set for most buyers. Just need an entry boat that doesn't disrupt the used market for upgrading buyers, will have to keep it smaller.
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