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Originally Posted by uplander View Post
I have many questions but I want to start with the ones that impact me the most. on the first test drive I was checking the middle opening in the floor where the plug is and I noticed some water so I put the bow up by driving real slow and turned on the bilge. After it pumped out I let her back down but continued to have water. I am not sure but I think I have a leak somewhere and would like to ask where I should start looking and is this normal for an 02 X30.

thanks for help
How much water is some water? We usually had a couple of inches deep around the center plug in our 2007 X2. This is not usually enough for the bilge pump to pick up even if turned on manual. Did water come out of the bilge pump drain port on the side of the boat? Also if you put the bow up and the water all ran to the stern then the center bilge pump cannot get it out and the water will come back when you go flat again.

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