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I would bet money its an entry level line. ie...X2 without a touchscreen BIG. more economical tower. less expensive options all around...

I actually see this as good thing. Alot of people complain about the high prices, I for one went and bought a used boat this year after deciding I did not want to spend 50K on a new one. Lots of people want Mastercraft quality so they buy a used boat and MC gets none of that money..meanwhile little boat makers like Tige, Axis, Epic are making inroads into the market share MC once dominated.

I also think that by offering a "Z" line that MC could maximize the profits on molds like when the X2 gets changed or the X45 is replaced in the future however near that may be I don't know. Imagine the market share MC could recover by offering X1 in the form of a Z1 at under 40K. No PP, no BIG..maybe an indmar motor...I don't know if MC uses Indmar again, pure speculation, I think it might be a chance to hold the price down on a Z-line...

What say you guys...

Don't know about but but I get a little tummy ache when I see an Epic or Axis on my local waterway...
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