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When i moved from a 2009 Moomba LSV to the X25, I was a little disapointed with the handling and overall power. The LSV (Being a flat bottom tounament boat with tracking fins) was a lot more agile and could turn on a dime. I would even accellerate in a full lock turn. But then again, completly different hull design.

The X25 however felt heavier (which is is), and was not near as nimble. It kind of reminded me of a powerfull runabout. Straight line tracking was great, but tigh cornering was not its forte. In a full lock turn, the boat would loose power or bog down. This was not a factor in our descision to buy the X25. Dont get me wrong, the X25 DOES excel at Surf Wake, larger out of the box wakeboard wake, cabin room, rough water ride...

JBKriss hit the nail on the head, you cant expect the X25 and Xstar to handle the same way as the hull design is completley different. I remember reading somewhere (on this forum) that the X25 isnt used a lot in wakeboard compititions due to its inability to make tight enough turns in a narrow course and hold its speed. Not sure how accurate that info is, but after taking the star for its first run on the same lake and same conditions i have been used to over many seasons, My wife and I immediatly notice some fundemental differences between the 2 boats.
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