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Originally Posted by Bambamski1 View Post
The x-25 is worse?

I can live with the boat if the wake is similar to my 205. When i spoke with atkinson at the boat show he said the 25 wake was most like the 205 which is why i bought the boat. I'm really hoping i don't have to load the 25 up with 2500 lbs of extra weight like the xstar needs. The real reason i bought the boat was i was told u needed just another 1200 lbs or so to get the same kind of wake as the 205. I really hope the 25 lives up to my expectations now.
Atkinson was right - the 25 wake is alot like the 205V, alot like it. If you've ever ridden a SAN 210 with about 4k in it its like the wake with stock ballast + PnP on a 25.
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