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Comparing the X25 to the X Star is like comparing apples to oranges. Sorry for the cliche, but it's true. One is a tournament wakeboard boat and the hull of the 25 was intended for bay/offshore use. I've owned the xstar and my buddy has a 25. The 25 handles like a saltwater boat, bow up in the air, not much hull/water contact when on plane, wider turns... Which is what it was intended for before they dropped a vdrive in it, right? The wake on the 25 is huge out-of-the- box whereas the xstar needs additional weight, but then it becomes world class, one of, if not the, all-time best. X25's V hull will give a better surf wave than the Xstar. Their hulls are just so different because of what they were designed for; you just have to keep that in mind when trying to compare.
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