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Originally Posted by 91.Maristar.240 View Post
lol the bidding ended at $8700 the reserve was $12,999

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Sad to say, it's a wake board world. (Need some skull decals, throw some bags in it, couple empty beer cans.) Just kidding.

I think you're, in a familiar spot. Those with money and/or good credit buy newer...those with no money and/or no credit, can't afford any boat. (My banker did offer full financing on my 94) Financing is available, with good credit, on older boats.

My boat was a not sold, on ebay. It was located 90 miles from me. I emailed the seller, made a deal for his starting price over the phone, pending personal inspection. (Willing buy+willing seller=selling price)

The thing about ebay/auctions. If the starting price is to low, it looks like a scam or something amiss. Too high, reduces the field of potential bidders..oddly also a red flag for scammers. ( I didn't see your auction.)

I don't use Buyitnow, lots of dead-beats, bestoffer will get low ballers...then again many dead-beats. When an item is sold, but not paid, takes awhile dealing with ebay...has gotten better.

That said, this boat is in better shape, than mine. Minor fender work ($150.00 max), can of
black exhaust paint, and gaskets ($30 bucks max)

2004 Red/White/Black something or other.

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