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Originally Posted by willyt View Post
I'm really surprised you found the xstar to be more responsive. I've never driven an X25, and to be honest i kinda thought my star was a hog when loaded. I'm glad they're offering tracking fins on all the models now. Still excited to drive mattscraft's 6.2 X25, although i think i might have to wait a couple years for that...

there is a HP difference between the two motors... since the LY6 has straight pipes (should be pretty darn loud) and no cats its a true 400 hp motor.

With the deep v, the X25 suffers in handling and acceleration compared to the XStar. The plus side, is that it requires less ballast than the XStar, and will behave better with the lighter load. The other plus side is a better rough water ride.

There is a compromise either way.
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