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Originally Posted by Lennyp04 View Post
Sounds like you've had this problem before or maybe your just an electric/wiring genius!

Regardless, I will check the fuses tomorrow. It's possible that one of them could be bad. Although it might be worse that the problem is the truck and not just the light, at least I have a concrete place to start my investigation. I know I've knocked the light receptacle off on some snow banks so I may have damaged one of the wires.
Ha! If you are looking for someone who knows little about electricity, I know as little as anybody. Someone had butchered the trailer wiring on my dad's truck, so I did spend some time on my back putting it back like it should be. It had a blown fuse and I guess the previous owner thought cutting some wires would help.

I hope your problem is a fuse and I bet it is.
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