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Yes... I was concerned about the extra weight of the newer Heatercraft unit myself. For my installation, I added extra mounting screws and super glued them in. I also added rubber shock mounts in the mounting brackets so if the heater unit does bounce around the stress will be minimal on the mounting screws as the rubber shock mounts I installed will take some of the "bouncing around" forces.

If the heater unit is too heavy, I doubt that there will be any damage to the bow deck; I feel the screws will just pull out.

But in my case.. I feel that I got four solid screws holds that are super glued. I have confidence in my installation but I will monitor it this season when I go to the big lakes that get quite rough.

I even added some ZIP ties for redundancy that will hold the heater unit in place just in the unlikely case my screw mounts don't hold up. The zip ties will minimize any damage that would be caused if the heater unit goes bouncing around without my knowledge.
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