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Reviving this thread from a couple of months ago as I started on '89 PS 190 today. What better Mother's Day present than getting the boat ready, right? The fiberglass covering the shaft log was easy to remove, and obvious water was entering between the aluminum log and the hull. My boat has the Powerslot and there isn't enough room to move the log/seals, etc forward and access the area in order to re-attach it properly and re-fiberglass. looks like I need to remove the coupling and will do the cutlass bearing while I'm doing.

The coupling nut looks like 1-1/4"? Guessing that as my 1-1/8" socket was too small. Pretty sure I can secure the coupling with a pipe or strap wrench. I've read the 'how to' on using a socket and getting some longer bolts to allow the coupling to free from the shaft. And, when reinstalling, how tight do you tighten that sucker?

I will post up some pictures later on.

I'm debating whether to reattach the shaft log by bedding it in a layer West Systems G-Flex epoxy or using 3M 5200. Once it's bedded in, I will cover the shaft log with G-Flex resin and glass mat. I've worked with epoxy and mat in the past on lots of boats, but first time for some of the other stuff. I don't have a lot of 'spare' time so I'm looking for some tips to keep me from having to re-do a step or three

So, bed it in G-Flex or 3M 5200? ......And I'm open to any suggestions and tips on removing the coupling and prop. Everything is soaking in PB Blaster right now.

Thanks in advance,

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