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Originally Posted by Ski-me View Post
OK, I now also have the same problem. I'm trying to determine if the 3/4 NTP is the same thread size/pitch as the 3/4" galvanized plug at Lowes (or the 3/4" gas black pipe). The threads line up with my old plug. I just want to make sure before trying to get these one.

I couldn't find a brass fitting (tee, reducer) to match the same thread pitch. The ones I found were more a hose type thread. I saw a lot of MIP type threads, but no NTP's.

Does Lowes/HD have a 3/4" tap this size? Is it a common one?
Look at a piece of threaded black pipe- the thread is tapered, to ensure a good seal when it goes into a fitting.

Go to an ACE hardware store- they have a set of sliding panels with bins, filled with brass fittings.
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