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I just got done installing the same Heatercraft 202 Unit in my '97 PS190.

I gotta say.. your installation logic completely baffles me? It looks to me like you completely destroyed your storage area???

1.) If I am analyzing the pictures correctly...It looks to me that you mounted the so called 'Vent tower' right and the heater unitright in the way of the precious storage? How does the heat flow work when you shut the gull wing door?

2.) It looks like you also mounted the heater unit down on the floor? I mounted mine up and completely out of the way. The goal of my installation was to not compromise my precious storage. My '97 had some mounting strips that were installed into the fiberglass that made it easy to mount the heatercraft unit to the bottom of the Bow deck - So the heater is up and out of the way. Does the '90 PS 190 not have these special mounting strips so you can mount the heater unit up and out of the way?

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