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Here's an update.

Rear tow hooks installed with a 1/4 stainless steel backing plate.

Rudder box installed, 5200 marine sealant was used. New grease fittings installed on steering cable. Still need a bracket for the steering cable. Here's before and after. I just noticed that i attached the cable on top, and it was on bottom originally. I'll fix that.

I cut out backing boards for interior pieces. They are at a local upholstery shop. Im going with a simple/functional upholstery job. It wont look original at all.

New Fuel tank sending unit. I still am waiting for the fuel pickup tube that I ordered last week.

Installed throttle control assembly, with newish cables that I pulled from the other boat I got with the trailer that I originally was wanting.

Here she is sitting on the trailer.

I also decided to convert the distributor. Im not getting a consistent spark, so I have had trouble keeping the boat running. I did get it to idle at 800-900 rpm . Im so ready for it to be done.
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