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I still haven't been able to get my boat in to get looked at. I tried taking a look at it myself today. There is supposedly a service bulletin on belt alignment. It's hard to get a direct look at the belt directly from the side without taking the engine cover completely off, which I didn't want to do. I did notice the engine water pump pulley seemed to have a little uneven wear. The edge farther away from the engine (towards the rear of the boat) has a little bit of a lip, where the other edge does not. You can kind of see it in the picture. Looking at it, it kind of looked like the wear mark wasn't even on the pulley too, but I measured the distance on a couple of different points, and it was the same (as close as I could measure). Without removing the engine cover, I couldn't get a straight edge in to check alignment. I also tried to use a laser, but didn't have room for that either. Anyone have any experience with mis-alignment? How do you tell if a pulley is off axis or off plane? From my perception, it looks like the water pump pulley might be off axis.
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